Moshe Yaalon
Moshe Yaalon Flash 90

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon decided to postpone the application of a program that would have removed IDF soldiers guarding Jewish communities in the far northern and southern localities as well as the border with Gaza.

The postponement allows communities more time to organize ahead of the move that would have replaced guards with new technology. Ya'alon's decision follows a request made by the Secretary General of the Kibbutz Movement, Eitan Broshi.

Between a phone call with Ya'alon, Broshi said that the Army's decision to replace soldiers guarding at the main gates of communities with new innovative security measures is endangering the safety and morale of residents and places a heavy financial burden on communities.

"I believe, as a resident of a community located next to the border, and given the army's security guidelines, that we are eligible for the same security arrangements as a base or military post. The decision which would see security and financial burden fall on communities surrounding Gaza and the Lebanon border, is difficult and must be reassessed," demanded Broshi.

Broshi pointed out to the minister that he is convinced that "just as the state knows how to fund the protection for residents and educational institutions in the billions, it will find a way not to abandon the protection of fences and the gates of communities."

The office of the Minister stressed that the decision would take effect only after the communities have "time for organization".

The announcement made by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) last week said that after extensive staff work,  the new defense method would rely on state-of-the-art systems and would be fitted to real-time situation assessments and the new security reality that the IDF is familiar with.

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