Aryeh King
Aryeh KingFlash 90

Philanthropist Dr. Irving Moskowitz announced Monday that he supports Aryeh King and his “Seam Line Neighborhoods” list in Jerusalem's municipal elections.

In a letter signed by Dr. Moskowitz and his wife Cherna, they tell of their long acquaintance with King and “his activities for strengthening Jerusalem.”

"King has proven himself in caring for the security of Jerusalem's residents," the two wrote, adding that they are giving their full support to his list.

Last week, King's Seam Line Neighborhoods list announced it would support Moshe Lion (pronounced "Lee'on") for mayor.

“For us, as members of the religious Zionist community, Moshe Lion is an example of a man of action, who knew how to combine action and Torah throughout his public career,” King stated. "I have found that Moshe Lion, in the course of all his public duties, has acted for the construction and strengthening of Jerusalem.”

"Lion will help us,” King said, “and together we will act with determination to strengthen the status of the Seam Line neighborhoods. Moshe Lion and I will act together to safeguard the Jewishness of Jerusalem. I see Moshe Lion as a partner and as councillors we will act together, as senior partners on the coalition, for the city's unity, for maintaining its Jewish nature and for keeping it the capital of the Jewish state.”