Where is Sheshet HaYamim street located?
Where is Sheshet HaYamim street located?Screenshot

While the representatives of Israel and the Palestinian Authority are negotiating intensely in order to draw the final borders, according to "Google Maps", it turns out that the map of Israel's permanent borders has already been plotted.

One user from Arutz Sheva was surprised to find the results on Google Maps for the Jerusalem street called "Sheshet HaYamim" (Six Day War) to be in "Palestine." The Jerusalem street, which is located near Ammunition Hill, was included in the liberated territories established during the Six Day War. 

Below each mention of the street, including references as to the street intersections, the word "Palestine" appears prominently instead of Israel.

Just last week, some Israeli web surfers recently looked up information about religious Zionist settlement pioneer Rabbi Hanan Porat, as the second anniversary of his death is approaching. Besides a list of entries concerning Porat, the search results also yielded a concentrated summary of information about Porat next to his picture. The summary said that he died on October 4, 2011, at "Kfar Etzion, Jordan."

That was not the first clash between Gush Etzion and Google. Several months ago, residents who were surfing the internet were surprised by Hebrew messages from Google that suggested they use the Palestinian Authority Google site, google.ps, instead of the Israeli google.co.il.

The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel said that it had received angry phone calls from residents who felt they had been "harassed" by Google. The Forum's director, Nachi Eyal, sent a letter of complaint to the director of Google, in which he said: "It is regrettable that Google, which is a business company and not a political body, has determined that the residents of Judea and Samaria belong to the Palestinian Authority and harasses Hebrew-speaking users with offers to use the Palestinian browser."