Egyptians show support for military
Egyptians show support for militaryAFP photo

The founder of the Egyptian youth movement that rallied street protests against ousted President Mohammed Morsi has escaped an attempt on his life, Al Arabiya reports.

Gunmen opened fire at the car of Mahmoud Badr, the founder of the Tamarod movement, on Monday evening, the report said, citing the movement’s official website.

Badr was not harmed. Amro Badr, the editor of the Tamarod website, was quoted as having said that the group has filed a complaint with the police over the incident.

He noted that the founder of Tamrod was attacked when he was going home following a session of the 50-member panel tasked with reviewing Egypt’s draft constitution.

Badr previously said he received threats and was forced to change his residence to an unknown location, according to Al Arabiya.

Tamarod amassed 15 million signatures to a petition demanding Morsi’s departure before the army ousted him in July. It has since reportedly started a new petition, this one demanding a cancellation of the peace treaty signed between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in 1979.

The attempt on Badr’s life came several days after Interior Minister Mohammad Ibrahim also survived an assassination attempt.

A car bomb ripped through the interior minister’s convoy as he was leaving home for work on Thursday, killing one person.

Ibrahim, who was travelling in an armored car, survived the attempt unhurt.

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, an Al-Qaeda-linked group based in the Sinai Peninsula, on Sunday claimed responsibility for the failed assassination attempt.