U.S. President Barack Obama
U.S. President Barack Obama Flash 90

United States President Barack Obama has begun an intensive media campaign aimed at bringing the American public to support military intervention in Syria.

Recent polls have shown that more than 60% of Americans oppose U.S. military involvement in Syria, while just over 10% support it.

Six media interviews and one national address are part of Obama’s plan to explain why he thinks America must take action in the wake of chemical weapons attacks in Syria – and to argue that U.S. involvement would not end in another drawn-out campaign like those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama has said he will wait for support from Congress before ordering military intervention, and is apparently hoping that boosting public support will allow for increased support in Congress as well.

On Saturday night, the American news network CNNrevealed the videos that ostensibly prove that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime was behind a chemical weapons attack near Damascus that left hundreds of civilians dead.

The 13 short videos show the victims of chemical poisoning shortly after the attack.

Obama warned Wednesday that the international community’s credibility is on the line in Syria.

"The question is, how credible is the international community when it says this is an international norm that has to be observed? The question is how credible is Congress when it passes a treaty saying we have to forbid the use of chemical weapons?" he asked.

Assad continues to deny involvement in the chemical massacre, and has issued warnings to the U.S. regarding a potential intervention.