Taxi Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Jerusalem District Prosecution filed criminal charges Tuesday against Barak Zakaim, 23, of Gilo, in Jerusalem, for allegedly stabbing an Arab cab driver.

The charge sheet says that Zakaim and several members of his family have been regularly harassing employees at the Moniot Gilo taxi station, which is owned by an Arab and where many of the drivers are Arabs. The defendant and others have attacked drivers from the station in the past, the charge sheet says, and the defendant decided one day to stab a driver.

On May 7, 2013, at about 4:50, the defendant asked a man who distributes newspapers in the neighborhood to order him a taxi from the station. The newpaper distributor did so and left the scene.

Five minutes or so later, the complainant, who was on duty at the station at the time, drove to the location after reciving the call and saw the defendant, who was wearing a hoodie. The defendant got in the cab and sat in the front passenger seat. He asked the driver to take him to Hatzuf street in Gilo. When the taxi got to the end of the specified street, the defendant opened the door as if to get out, but then turned around and stabbed the complainant several times in the chest, back and legs with an unspecified sharp object. He then ran away.

The complainant initially got out of the cab and tried to chase down the defendant, but then returned to his cab and drove to the station, bleeding. When he got to the station, he asked the station manager to call him an ambulance.

The charge sheet accuses the defendant of harassing the Moniot Gilo station due to racist and nationalist motives.