Obama and Netanyahu
Obama and Netanyahu Flash 90

America has no plans to truly intervene in Syria – and Israel should learn from that, attorney and current affairs analyst Yoram Sheftel warned in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

“Even if they attack, it will just be for the protocol. It won’t be a real assault,” he said.

“Obama has already proven that he doesn’t really respond. The Syrians already used [chemical] gas a few months ago, the ‘red line’ was crossed, and there was no response,” he continued.

Israel must realize that it cannot rely on America’s promises when it comes to security, Sheftel warned.

“They aren’t trustworthy,” he declared. “Even when [America] does take action, it’s too late, it’s only after a real catastrophe has occurred.”

“The state of Israel needs to remember that well. If there’s a plan to rely on defense-related guarantees in the future, we need to come to our senses immediately,” he said.

U.S. officials initially appeared anxious to immediately intervene in Syria in the wake of a major chemical weapons attack near Damascus. However, following pressure from the UN and Britain’s decision to postpone a decision to intervene, Obama announced over the weekend that he plans to wait for approval from Congress.

Sheftel has previously accused Obama of anti-Semitism and of cynical manipulation of Jewish voters over the Obama administration’s statements about Jonathan Pollard.