Jerusalem Light Rail
Jerusalem Light Rail Flash 90

A Jewish man from the Binyamin region was assaulted Monday in a random attack on the light rail train in Jerusalem. The young man told Arutz Sheva that he was targeted by a group of Arab youths, apparently due to his recognizably Jewish appearance.

He was part of a group traveling to a birthday party in Jerusalem, he recalled. The group sat toward the front of the train.

As the train passed by the Beit Hanina neighborhood, three Arab youths approached their group, he said. When the train stopped, the three got off – and as they did, one suddenly lunged forward and slapped him in the face.

The youth who slapped him raced off the train with his friends.

The young Jewish man said he reported the incident to police. The Jerusalem Police said the incident is under investigation.

The suspects may be identified with help from the security camera on the train, they said.

Light rail passengers have been the target of attacks in the past. Terrorist cells in Jerusalem have targeted the train in rock and firebomb attacks.

In the most serious attack to date, an Arab passenger on the train suddenly stabbed a young IDF soldier in the chest, causing her serious injuries.

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