Ze'ev Hever (Zambish)
Ze'ev Hever (Zambish)Arutz Sheva

Radical leftist Yariv Oppenheimer, who heads the Peace Now organization, said Tuesday that a veteran leader of the settlement movement, Ze'ev Hever (Zambish), is "a terrorist."

The comment follows a report in Haaretz, according to which Hever has demanded that the residents of Migron pay him 150,000 shekels for the efforts he made to prevent their eviction from the original site of their community.

"Few people remember that Zambish (Ze'ev Hever), whom the settlement enterprise's establishment holds so dear, and who is a guest of honor in all of the government offices, is no less than a convicted terrorist who tried to plant an explosive charge in a Palestinian vehicle, as part of his membership in the Jewish Underground," Oppenheimer wrote on his Facebook page.

"The man's methods of operation and brutish character are now being turned against his ideological partners, the evictees of Migron," he added.

During the period that preceded the uprooting of Migron, Hever negotiated vis-à-vis the government in attempts to find solutions to the dispute over the outpost, which was located in the Binyamin region. There was a heated dispute between proponents of a compromise that involved relocating the outpost to a nearby location, and those who opposed a compromise.

At about the same time, Hever was involved in negotiations with the government over the court-ordered destruction of several buildings in the Ulpena neighborhood.

Extreme elements within the settlement movement blamed Hever of selling out the movement's ideals and the tires of his car were emptied of air in an incident in June, 2012.

A leader of the settlement movement told Haaretz that "It was known that Hever and Migron are upset with each other. It seems that he wanted to show them just how much he dislikes their behavior."