LiebermanFlash 90

Israel is not involved in any way in the ongoing conflict in Egypt, Knesset Security and Foreign Affairs chairman Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday.

Lieberman was denying ongoing claims that Israel was siding with and encouraging the Egyptian Army in its efforts to suppress the Muslim Brotherhood, and had supplied assistance to the government as it attacked supporters of ousted former president Mohammed Morsi.

Among other accusations leveled by say those who claim Israel is in league with the army, claims have been made that Israel has prevailed on the U.S. not to declare the military takeover of Egypt a coup. Doing so would require the U.S. to automatically halt all assistance to Egypt, and Israel, according to the claims, has been lobbying the U.S. to continue supporting the Egyptian Army against the Islamist opposition.

Speaking on a local radio station Sunday, Lieberman said that Islamic radicals, especially, were “trying to pull Israel into the storm” for their own interests.

“We have nothing to do with any of what is going on in Egypt. We do not have to be involved in the issues that affect other countries in this region, and we are not,” he said.

Lieberman also said that Israel had no interest in supporting or opposing the current or previous government.

“The only communication between us and any parties in Egypt relate to ensuring the safety of Israelis,” he said.

The same groups that are trying to involve Israel in the events in Egypt are doing the same thing regarding the unrest in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, claimed Lieberman.

“There are groups that are trying to push us into getting involved in all these conflicts,” he said. “We are bystanders, and there is no need for us to get involved in internal conflicts going on in countries that surround us,” he added.