Egyptians gesturing at helicopter
Egyptians gesturing at helicopter Reuters

At least 173 people were killed Saturday in Egypt in heavy fighting between security forces and the Muslim Brotherhood, as the country descends into a state that could be called civil war.

Security forces broke into the Al-Fatah mosque in central Cairo, where hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters had holed up. The forceful entry had been preceded by heavy exchanges of gunfire.

According to one report, one of the people killed Saturday was Amar Badi', 38, who is the son of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader, Muhammad Badi'.

In Cairo alone, 95 people were killed on Saturday. Over 1,300 were wounded countrywide.

Egyptian television reported that the son of another senior official of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan Malek, was arrested.

The embedded video shows security forces firing at Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in Ismailiya after they approached a line of tanks.