Mohammed Morsi
Mohammed MorsiAFP photo

The Al-Mayadeen network reported Tuesday that former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi threatened to go on a hunger strike if his supporters are forcibly removed from squares in Cairo, where they are staging sit-ins.

The Hezbollah affiliated Lebanese network said that Morsi made this threat to the guards who have been detaining him. He reportedly added that he is the only one who can put an end to the demonstrations in Cairo's al-Nahda Square and around Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque.

Morsi threatened his hunger strike for his loyal supporters, namely the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies, who have set up two huge Cairo protest camps and have held near daily demonstrations for his reinstatement since Morsi’s overthrow by the military on July 3.

On Monday, pro-Morsi supporters held a sit-in outside of the Egyptian High Court on Ramsis Street. The relatively brief sit-in followed a march from Fatah mosque in downtown Cairo.

During the march, verbal scuffles broke out between the protesters and spectators.  

The Egyptian government reportedly planned to disperse two demonstrations on Monday morning. However, the decision was postponed after the plan was leaked to the press.