Young Bayit Yehudi supporters
Young Bayit Yehudi supportersCourtesy

Three different groups within the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party met Monday: the heads of local party branches, the group’s youth leadership movement, and the secular movement.

MKs Ayelet Shaked and Yoni Chetboun took part in the gathering in Givat Shmuel.

Amiad Taub, head of the forum of branch heads, said that Bayit Yehudi branch heads across the country have effectively implemented a policy of increased inclusion.

“Branch heads from every city, as the leaders of party activity ‘on the ground,’ have shown commitment to including youth, women, and secular and tradition [non-religious] supporters in party activity,” he said.

Shaked urged the inclusion of women and secular supporters on the party lists in various cities.

Secular party activist Inbal Lieber agreed.

“The Jewish Home party is the home for all Israelis, religious and secular alike,” she declared. Activists are now working on boosting the party’s showings in the next elections, she said.

Chetboun told local activists how important their work is. “The big public challenge right now is at the municipal level. The close daily encounters with problems, crises and difficulties is an important mission,” he said.

Local activists have the power to lead to change at the national level, he said.

Youth activists Uri Shahor and Avichai Tabak said that youth and age together make a winning combination. Youth activists want to keep older party members with their considerable experience, and at the same time, to bring new energy to the race.