KnessetIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The Knesset Guard on Sunday stopped an individual who attempted to enter the Knesset building while carrying a pellet-gun. The gun was not capable of shooting bullets, but such guns are banned from the Knesset, along with "regular" guns.

The individual had received a pass to enter the building in order to attend a session of the Knesset Interior Committee and Environmental Defense Committees. The individual was detained by the Knesset guard. Knesset officials filed a complaint against the individual with police, who arrested him.

The individual said that he had forgotten that the weapon was in his bag, and that he had not been trying to smuggle it into the building. He is being held for questioning as police attempt to verify his story.

Last month, a Channel Ten crew shot video of an individual who was successfully able to enter the Knesset with a facsimile of a gun that was created using a 3D printer. While not made out of metal, the gun had the same shape and size as a weapon. Security guards who were checking bags manually at the entrance to the building missed the weapon, and the individual carrying it was able to get inside the building.

The crew tried the stunt multiple times, successfully smuggling the “gun” into the building each time, and the individual carrying it was able to get within range of several political officials, including the Prime Minister, Channel Ten said.