Israel-Lebanon border
Israel-Lebanon border Flash 90

The four IDF soldiers who were wounded in an explosion near the northern border were hurt by a hidden bomb, Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Yaalon confirmed Wednesday.

“Last night four IDF soldiers suffered light-to-moderate injuries during operational activities along the Lebanese border. This was routine IDF activity that is meant to maintain the quiet for those in northern Israel, and the entire country,” Yaalon said.

Yaalon spoke during a joint tour of in southern Israel along with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

He continued, “We are of course investigating the incident, to see if it was an old bomb, (or) a new bomb… But this operation was of course carried out in a responsible manner."

Lebanese media outlets reported Wednesday that the soldiers had been injured in a bomb blast, but no Israeli official confirmed it.

Netanyahu, too, discussed the soldiers’ injury during the tour.

“The north, the south, and all parts of Israel have something in common – IDF soldiers defending us and our borders. This was true last night, too. We will continue to act responsibly to protect Israel’s borders,” he declared.

“I want to send wishes for the soldiers’ recovery from myself, the Defense Minister, and all of us,” he added.