Mother and baby
Mother and baby Israel news photo: Flash 90

Police and Magen David Adom (MDA) crews rescued two twins, aged 14 months, from a car that was parked on Tzipori Street in Nazareth Illit Wednesday. The car had been parked under the summer sun and the infants were described as being “red faced and sweating” when they were found. MDA took the twins to a hospital.

Their mother, who hails from the Arab village of Kafr Kana, said in initial police questioning that she had purposely left the babies in the car when she got out to make some arrangement, and had intended to return to the car quickly.

The babies were discovered by a parking inspector, who looked at the parking card affixed to the car's window and realized they had been in the car for 30 minutes. He called the police and MDA. A policeman who arrived on the scene reportedly found that one of the windows was slightly open. He managed to insert his arm into the crack and open the door.

A similar incident was reported about a week ago, when a mother left her 18-month-old baby left in a car in searing heat for about 20 minutes. Passersby found the baby and called police, who rescued the baby and found her mother.

Three tragic cases in which babies were left in cars and died occurred in Israel last month.

The latest case occurred in the Jewish community of Dolev, in Binyamin, where an 18-month-old girl was found by a passerby after she had been left in a vehicle in the summer heat. The toddler was in critical condition, according to the intensive care paramedic team that worked to try to resuscitate her. She was rushed to the Sheba Medical Center at the Tel Hashomer Hospital but died.

A day earlier, a five-month-old infant died after she was forgotten in a vehicle in the village of Shilo, also in the Binyamin region. The baby died after having been left in the vehicle for nearly seven hours and was found with severe burns.

A similar incident occurred earlier in July when a nine-month-old baby was found unconscious after having been left for several hours in a vehicle in Ramat Gan. Although MDA paramedics performed CPR on the baby as they rushed her to Sheba Medical Center, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

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