Lotto booth
Lotto boothFlash 90

For most soldiers on a weekend break from IDF field service, coming home to a comfortable bed and mom's home cooking is enough. One soldier in southern Israel, however, got an even bigger treat when he came home for his break: a NIS 27 million lottery jackpot in this weekend's draw.

The soldier, whose name was not released, said that he bought the “super lotto ticket” at a lottery stand in Asheklon, spending NIS 290 on the ticket – money he “earned” in the army, part of the IDF take-home pay provided to soldiers. The soldier actually won twice: His ticket grabbed the first prize of NIS 26 million, as well as the second prize of NIS 72,000.

Like most IDF soldiers, the winner is barely out of his teens, at an age where it's tempting to spend whatever money comes to hand on “the good life.”

This soldier, however, has other plans for his money. “I am very realistic” about winning, he told reporters. “I plan on depositing the money in savings account in the bank, and I will make do with the interest. I expect to be able to finance my university education and allow me to rent an apartment and live well.

At 1% interested compounded annually, the soldier should do just fine – earning at least NIS 300,000 a year in interest payments.