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On 13 July 2008 we published on the Arutz Sheva (INN)  site a piece by Gil Ronen, which included false information about Prof. Amiram Goldblum, Head of the Medicinal Chemistry Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The piece quoted from a publication on Channel 2 news and elaborated upon it, a publication for which Channel 2 apologized about a year later.

We would like to clarify the following regarding what was stated in the piece:

Contrary to what we wrote, no bomb making materials were stolen from Professor Goldblum’s lab and no acetone disappeared from the Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry at Hebrew University. In addition, nobody was convicted of stealing acetone from the Laboratory.

Contrary to what we wrote, Prof. Goldblum did not want to allow a convicted Arab terrorist back to the lab and did not plan to readmit him. Prof. Goldblum was not involved in any manner in the discussions or decisions of the University on that issue, and did not say any of the things that were attributed to him in that piece.

Contrary to information that was cited from the CAMERA website, Prof. Goldblum was NOT considered a radical by any of his colleagues in Peace Now, no one of his neighbors threw stones at his home after the 1990 murder in Bak’aa, and he has never expressed pro-PLO views.

Contrary to what we wrote, Channel 2 did not present Prof. Goldblum or Peace Now as being a “radical leftist”.

We wish to apologize to Professor Goldblum for that publication and for any damage caused to his reputation, if caused, due to the publication.

Gil Ronen and INN site editors