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In 2001, Rabbi Seth and Sherry Mandell suffered a parent’s worst nightmare when their young son Koby was brutally murdered by terrorists near their home. Koby and his friend Yosef were beaten to death in Wadi Tekoa.

Their murderers were never found. And now, Sherry Mandell believes that their escape may have been less painful than the alternative.

“I’m happy that they were never found,” she declared. “Because I don’t want to have to be horrified that Koby’s killers had been released by the state of Israel.”

Sherry and Seth were among those protesting this week against the release of over 100 terrorists, many of them murderers, as a gesture to the Palestinian Authority in advance of diplomatic talks.

Since Koby’s murder, his parents established Camp Koby, which helps children who have lost loved ones to traumatic events, including terrorism.

There are campers in Camp Koby who saw terrorists come into home and shoot children dead, Sherry Mandell said. “And these the kind of people they’re thinking of giving away, freeing, so that they can kill again?”

“What other country in the world would allow this?” she added.

Koby’s father, Seth, admitted that he is “not optimistic” about the odds of stopping the terrorist release. However, he said, “it’s important to cry out... to have our voice heard.”