MK Uri Maklev
MK Uri Maklev Flash90

In exchange for his agreement to free over 100 terrorists from Israeli prisons, Finance Minister Yair Lapid demanded that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu agree to accept his proposed cuts to funding for yeshivas, MK Uri Maklev (UTJ) accused on Monday. Speaking to the Kikar Shabbat web site, Maklev said that the incident shows that “Yesh Atid is the ultimate example of a party of hatred, despite its efforts to hide its true intentions.”

Lapid, said Maklev, was simply following the example set by his father, Tommy Lapid, who before he passed away several years ago was a minister in the government of Ariel Sharon, and head of the anti-religious Shinui party. Like the elder Lapid, son Yair has also “learned how to hide his true intentions,” and despite his claims that he is only looking out for the welfare of hareidi Israelis, his true wish was to decimate the hareidi community.

The proof, said Maklev, was that Lapid was willing to release murderers in order to advance his agenda. “On the outside, he speaks nicely, expressing concern for hareidi Jews, but this incident shows just how stubborn he is to cut spending, something that will harm not only the hareidi community, but other poor communities.”

Despite appeals from all levels of society, though, Lapid refused to yield, said Maklev – and when he had the chance, he seized it, ensuring that he would have his way on spending cuts.

“He conditioned his vote for the release on Netanyahu's agreement to accept his cuts into the budget law. On the one hand, he lobbies for drafting hareidi students, and on the other he punishes the yeshivas financially. Unfortunately, he succeeded, because we have a weak Prime Minister,” Maklev added.