MK Ayelet Shaked
MK Ayelet ShakedFlash 90

In a Knesset debate on the budget, MK Ayelet Shaked (Bayit Yehudi) expressed her frustration with the government's decision to release terrorist murderers, by proposing that the budget for the Shin Bet intelligence services, and military courts be slashed, alleging that they are unnecessary anyway.

The Shin Bet budget can be cut drastically, she said, and the military courts can just be closed down.

"Why does the state invest so many resources in chasing after, catching and trying terrorists, if they all go free in the end anyway? Why bother? Isn't it a shame to have to waste more money in the end on the paperwork and the buses that take them back to where they are going? Instead of raising VAT, let's just cut the defense budget,” she said sarcastically.

"We can cut hasbarah [Public Relations - ed.] budgets, too,” she continued. “It's useless. Why do we do a lot of fancy talking and tell the world fables about fighting terror, if unlike the Americans, who refuse to even release [Jonathan] Pollard, we free 104 murderers, in exchange for the right to send [negotiator Yitzhak] Molcho to talk to a low-level Palestinian representative?”

"You deserve each other"

Shaked also condemned the popular Palestinian Arab support for convicted murderers:

"One last word, to our peace and freedom seeking cousins,” she continued.

“I see your celebrations in Ramallah, regarding the release of the murderers. I have one thing to tell you: you deserve each other.

"Take them, the murderers of children, the violators of dead bodies, the ones who burn women alive. That is what you look like: a bloodthirsty group that dances in honor of the release of 104 barbarians. That is our partner."

Finishing with a message of defiance, she added:

"But you should know: for every murderer who is freed, dozens of new homes will be built, in our Land of the Bible, in Judea and Samaria. That is how it is, from the dawn of Zionism: we build, they kill. Each side does what it knows best.”