Explosion at Yarkonim junction
Explosion at Yarkonim junctionMagen David Adom

Two people were killed and two others were wounded on Thursday evening as a result of an explosion inside a vehicle at the Yarkonim junction near the city of Petah Tikva.

The driver and another passenger in the exploding car were the ones killed, one woman was hurt by broken glass and another man suffered from ringing in his ears.

Police believe that the incident is of a criminal background and have launched an investigation. It is believed that the two who died were residents of the central Israel city of Rosh Haayin. At the request of the police, a judge imposed on Thursday night a gag order on details of the investigation.

Magen David Adom Director General Eli Bin said, “A car exploded and caught fire with two people inside, and our paramedic teams had no choice but to pronounce them dead.”

Three weeks ago, a 49-year-old man was killed when his car exploded as he was driving down a street in the northern Israeli city of Migdal HaEmek. Police believe this incident was of a criminal background as well.

An initial investigation performed by the Migdal Haemek Police found that the victim was a resident of the city who was known to the police. It is believed he was murdered as a result of a dispute between criminals.