Foreign leftists at protest
Foreign leftists at protestIsrael news photo: Flash 90

A Canadian citizen of Pakistani desent was deported to Canada from Israel Friday, after she was involved in an attack on a policewoman in Hevron two days earlier, reports Shalom Toronto.

Bethlehem-based news site Ma'an reported that Ali was a volunteer in a group called “Youth against the Settlements,” which operates in the Palestinian Authority (PA).

A Youtube video uploaded by anti-Israel activists documents Ali kicking and screaming as she is taken into custody by two female Border Police in Hevron. Additional policemen have to come to the two policewomen's assistance in order to bring her under control.

A soldier can be heard telling a policeman that Ali has bitten someone.

Another policeman looks at his own left forearm after he handled Ali, then looks up at a female policewoman who is offscreen and asks, with a half smile – “Does she have rabies?”

The policewoman answers: “I swear to G-d, she bites!”

The video contains some profane language uttered by Ali. Between epithets, Ali can be heard telling the policemen that they cannot arrest her because she is a Canadian citizen.

Foreign anti-Israeli activists are a regular fixture in Arab violence against Israelis security forces and civilians in Judea and Samaria, though they are rarely deported.