Arab with knife
Arab with knifeFlash 90

An Arab man in his 20s was arrested Monday morning at Kfar Tavor in the Galilee, after he attacked an elderly woman with a boxcutter.

The man reportedly got out of a car, came up to the woman and held the knife to her throat.

A policeman from the Afula police station was alerted to the event, possibly by his wife, and he came out of his house with his gun drawn, pointed it at the suspect and instructed him to throw down his knife. He eventually succeeded in subduing him and arresting him.

The suspect was taken to the Afula polie station for questioning. He is reportedly a resident of Tulkarm in Samaria, who was employed in or near Kfar Tavor.

Police said they have still not determined if the attack was nationalistically or criminally motivated.