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The Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency rescue service has launched a country-wide campaign for raising public consciousness to the fact that small children are sometimes forgotten in parked cars.

The decision to launch the campaign follows a series of tragedies in which parents absentmindedly left their babies inside their cars, causing their deaths by heat stroke. However, it appears that the campaign is not aimed at the parents and caretakers who are in danger of forgetting the children in the cars, but at the general public, whose members can save babies forgotten in this way if they spot them in time.

Starting Tuesday, MDA staff and volunteers will be handing out specially made stickers at road junctions, entertainment centers and other areas teeming with people. The stickers say: “Take a look and save a life. A glance into a parked car can save lives.”

The special stickers will be distributed in the coming days, with the aim of raising public consciousness and encouraging high alertness to babies in parked cars, so that they can be located and saved from danger if need be.

The decision to launch the campaign was taken by Eli Bin, Director of MDA, following the recent tragedies in which three babies lost their lives within the space of two weeks.