A video uploaded to YouTube by Syrian rebels on Thursday shows a car bomb exploding near a Syrian army checkpoint in the Hama area.

The large amount of explosives planted in the car bomb caused a huge explosion that destroyed the checkpoint, likely killing the soldiers who were manning it.

The rebel group that uploaded the video is Ahrar ash-Sham, a collection of various Islamist and Salafist groups fighting the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad.

Some 100,000 people, mostly civilians, have been killed so far in the civil war in Syria which has been going on since March 2011.

The Syrian army, backed by reinforcements from Hizbullah forces and Iraqi soldiers, is now focusing its efforts on the city of Homs, which is perceived as a strategic area to protect the Alawite region along the Mediterranean Sea and an important link that connects this area to the capital Damascus.

The rebel forces, who were recently forced to withdraw from the city of Al-Qusayr after being attacked by regime troops and Hizbullah terrorists, are hanging on with all their might to the neighborhoods in Homs that are under their control, despite heavy bombardment of artillery and fighter jets - usually a sign that the army is preparing for a ground assault.

At the same time, the rebels are continuing to receive assistance from many countries, including advanced military equipment, as well as financial assistance from Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich countries.

The rebels have noted significant achievements in the battlefield recently, and are claiming that they were recently able to destroy some 90 armored vehicles belonging to the Syrian army.

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