Zion Square
Zion Square Flash 90

Judge Yaakov Tzaban of the Youth Court in Jerusalem's District Court has handed down jail sentences of up to 8 months to three Jewish youths involved in a fight with Arabs at the city's Zion Square last year.

The incident started as a brawl between dozens of Jews and Arabs at the so-called “Hatulot Square” near Hillel Street, and continued a little later at Zion Square. It was at Zion Square where an Arab man, Jamal Julani, was beaten, lost consciousness and nearly died. It later turned out he had suffered from a pre-existing heart condition, which caused his medical state to worsen rapidly after he was hit.

The incident at Hatulot Square began when a Jewish girl told other youths she had been raped by Arabs.

The first defendant was convicted of attacking Julani and sentenced to 8 months' jail – from which his incarceration to date will be deducted – and a suspended sentence of another eight months.

He will also compensate Julani with 5,000 shekels, to be paid by the end of November.

The second defendant will serve 30 days, from which his incarceration will be deducted, and has received a 60-day suspended sentence.

There are numerous other defendants in the case who have signed plea bargains with the prosecution, and one whose trial is ongoing. Those defendants have not yet been sentenced.