Morsi supporters gather outside a Republican
Morsi supporters gather outside a Republican Reuters

10 people were killed on Friday and 210 wounded in clashes in Egypt involving opponents and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, the Egyptian Health Ministry said.

Four people were killed near the Republican Guard building in Cairo, where troops opened fire on Morsi supporters marching on the building Friday afternoon.

Another person was killed in clashes in Cairo that erupted when Islamists attacked Morsi opponents near Tahrir Square, said the Health Ministry.

Four died in the northern Sinai city of el-Arish, where Islamists stormed the main government building. The tenth was killed in the southern city of Assiut.

Earlier, Armed Forces spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali said the forces securing the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo did not shoot the ousted president's supporters. He said the forces had only used tear gas and sound guns.

Ali said that the army and the police used tear gas to disperse the protest in the vicinity of the headquarters while protesters lit off fireworks.

Dozens were injured in the chest and the face during confrontations with the armed forces, reported Al-Masry Al-Youm.

The website of the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram reported that the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood , Mohammed Badie, was speaking from the podium at the pro-Morsi rally in Cairo.

Reports on Thursday had indicated that Badie, along with Morsi and other senior officials in the Muslim Brotherhood, had been arrested.

“I did not escape an arrest warrant,” he was quoted as having said. “Such accusations are mere lies. We are not cowards, we are revolutionaries.

“I take pride in my president Morsi, who is your president and president of all Egyptians,” said Badie, adding, “We will not leave the streets until president Morsi is reinstated.”

Pro-Morsi protesters in Rabaa El-Adawiya Square erupted in loud chants against Egyptian armed forces chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, reported Al-Ahram.

On Thursday the Egyptian Islamic Coalition, headed by the Muslim Brotherhood, called on supporters to take to the streets after Friday prayers and hold huge rallies.

Citizens were asked told to “demonstrate peacefully and say 'no' to the army's arrests and 'no' to the military coup.

Egypt’s transitional leaders denied that Morsi’s ouster at the hands of the army had been a military coup.

“This is not a military coup in any way. This was actually the overwhelming will of the people," said Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr.

Chief Justice Adly el-Mansour has been officially sworn into office as the new transitional president of Egypt.

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