Egyptians show support for military
Egyptians show support for military AFP photo

Chief Justice Adly el-Mansour was officially sworn into office Thursday as the new transitional President of Egypt.

First, however, he was sworn in as head of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court.

The chief justice, chosen by Egyptian Army General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to replace ousted President Mohamed Morsi, had not yet been sworn in as chief justice.

Minutes before the ceremony, Egyptian air force pilots staged several fly-bys in the skies over Cairo.

Fourteen jets in a V-formation streaked across the skies over downtown Cairo minutes before Chief Justice Adly el-Mansour was sworn in as interim president of Egypt.

Nine jets followed, flying at a low altitude and leaving a trail of red, white and black smoke behind them to reflect the colors of the national flag.

In a news briefing following the ceremony, the new president told journalists that Muslim Brotherhood members "part of the people" and welcome to help "build the nation," the web site of the state-run Al Ahram daily newspaper reported.

"The Muslim Brotherhood group is part of this people and are invited to participate in building the nation, as nobody will be excluded," Mansour said. "If they respond to the invitation, they will be welcomed."

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