Praying at the Western Wall
Praying at the Western Wall Israel news photo: Chezky Ezra

An indictment was handed down Thursday morning against a security guard who several weeks ago opened fire on a Jew visiting the Kotel (Western Wall), killing him. Hadi Kabalan is being charged with premeditated murder in the shooting death of Doron Ben Shalush, who was killed two weeks ago as he passed through a security check entering the Kotel Plaza.

According to the indictment, Kabalan was working at the security checkpoint with a second guard, Khaled. Both Kabalan and Khaled are Druze. Ben Shalush, who was a daily visitor to the Kotel, underwent a security check conducted by the two. The indictment says that after the check, Ben Shalush began screaming and cursing the Druze community, and left the area.

The two guards were angry, and discussed ways of “getting back” at Ben Shalush. Kabalan at that point asked Khaled and a third guard if they would pay him NIS 1,000 to kill Ben Shalush. After that, Kabalan left the guard booth, stood a few meters away from Ben Shalush, pulled out a pistol, and shot him 14 times. Ben Shalush was mortally injured, and died a few minutes later from his wounds.

Kabalan is also accused of tampering with evidence. After he was arrested, he managed to get hold of a cell phone and connected with Khaled, asking him to tell police a version of the incident that would make it appear as if he had been acting in self-defense.

The Druze are an ethno-religious Arab community who traditionally are loyal to those ruling the country they live in. Israeli Druze live mostly in northern Israel and many serve in the IDF, where they have reached-high ranking positions as well as recognition for heroism, sometimes for giving up their life for Israel. In recent years, PA terrrorists have attempted to influence Druze youth to avoid enlistment and join anti-Israel activity .

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