Fruit stand.
Fruit stand.Israel news photo: Flash 90

Even products with strict kosher supervision can contain bugs during the hot summer months, according to internal advertising in the “badatz” certification given by the Eida Hareidit.

The warning was issued due to concerns that customers who purchase food with kosher certification may not realize that it still needs to be checked for bugs. In some cases insects can get into even packaged food.

Kosher supervisors recommended that consumers buy fresh food, or food that had not spent a long time in storage. Food products should be stored in a clean place, they said.

However, they said, even food stored in clean places can be infested by bugs, so all food products that are prone to bug infestations should be checked before use.

Supervisors noted that there are two types of warnings on food products with Badatz Eida Hareidit certification. Those marked “Must be checked before use” (Hebrew, “yesh livdok lifnei hashimush”) are considered to be at high risk for infestation and need to be checked for bugs according to halakhah (Jewish law). Products with this label include rice, wheat, and some types of dry fruit.

Those marked “Should be checked before use” (Hebrew, “raui livdok lifnei hashimush”) have already been checked for bugs, and are unlikely to be infested by bugs between inspection and use, but should ideally be checked just in case.