Lior Farhi Hy"d
Lior Farhi Hy"d Courtesy: the family

Three men who played a part in the murder of security coordinator Lior Farhi of the Samarian (Shomron) Jewish community of Sha'arei Tikva have been sentenced to 8-12 months in prison.

Farhi, 40, was deliberately run down by an Israeli Arab driver who had been caught illegally bringing Palestinian Authority resident men into Israel.

A man who was convicted of committing a crime in aggravating circumstances and of interfering with justice was sentenced to 12 months in prison. Two others who were accused of being accomplices to murder will serve eight months each.

The three were sentenced by the Central District district court. Justice Menachem Finkelstein informed them that they have 45 days in which to appeal the verdict to the Supreme Court.

The main suspect, 25-year-old Arkan Badir of Kfar Kassem, has been formally accused of several serious crimes in connection with this case. His trial continues.

Badir allegedly had come to Samaria (Shomron) to pick up PA men who had illegally crossed into Israel through a gap in the security fence in the area. When he saw that two IDF soldiers had seen him, he began speeding toward them.

Farhi drew his gun and signaled the car to stop. Instead of stopping, Badir sped up and swerved to hit Farhi, then left him bleeding in the road.

A witness to the killing said Farhi had risked his own life in order to save the two young soldiers. Farhi was survived by his wife Naomi and three children.