Hamas terrorists in Gaza
Hamas terrorists in Gaza Flash 90

Amnesty International on Thursday called on the public to mail Gaza’s Hamas terrorist rulers in order to protest the hanging of two local men and to appeal against other executions, AFP reported.

Hamas hanged the two men accused of collaborating with Israel on Saturday.

Last Thursday, a military court in Gaza sentenced a Palestinian Authority Arab man found guilty of the same charge to death.

It was the fifth such sentence handed down by the coastal enclave's authorities since the beginning of the year.

The London-based rights organization called on people to "write immediately in Arabic or your own language condemning the executions... as applications of the ultimate form of cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment," in a statement published Thursday and quoted by AFP.

It asked people to urge Gaza security and justice officials "to ensure that death sentences against... any others sentenced to death are commuted or overturned."

In March, Hamas said it had a list of collaborators but offered a one-month amnesty for informers to give themselves up in return for leniency.

The terror group announced in April that it had begun arresting suspected collaborators with Israel following the amnesty period and indicated that the campaign had been “a success.”

Approximately two weeks after the amnesty campaign was announced, Hamas sentenced a man to death by strangulation after he was convicted of providing information to “hostile elements” in Israel.

The Hamas government executed three men in April 2012 after they were accused of "collaborating" with Israel.

Under Palestinian Authority law, collaboration with Israel, murder and drug trafficking are all punishable by death. All execution orders must be approved by the PA chairman before they can be carried out, but Hamas no longer recognizes the legitimacy of Mahmoud Abbas, whose four-year term ended in 2009.

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