National Employment Services office
National Employment Services officeIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The Israel empowered organization has released an English-language version of the comprehensive job market report commissioned by Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett.

The report is based on surveys of thousands of employers, and is current to June 2013. It gives precise data for 195 different professions.

The report gives a breakdown of job openings by region, along with the up-to-date starting salary for each field.

“Whether you’re contemplating aliyah, or want to plan your career in accordance with demand in Israel, or just curious about the job market in Israel, this report is the most useful, straightforward and important document you’ll ever get your hands on,” says Elchanan Romanoff of New York, president of Israel Empowered.

The group has provided access to the report along with a brief Youtube video.

To access the Israel Job Market Report, click here.