Amir Benayoun
Amir BenayounIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Popular singer Amir Benayoun performed his hit “Standing at the Gate” outside the Cave of Machpelah - the burial place of the Patriarchs - in Hevron Sunday, to a crowd that knew the words by heart.

The song is a cry to the Messiah to come and save the Jewish people and the world.

A video of the performance, and the song's official clip, are embedded.

The lyrics, unofficially translated, are:

I heard that you are coming back all the way

I saw angels preparing the table for the son of the King

I saw a ladder, too, ascending and descending

I heard wind touching the leaves

I saw you, it was not a delirium

I heard that the sea declared a joyous day

I saw the stars and moon dancing

They, too, know how to roll back

I heard that the sun is in fact a shadow

I saw a tower shake and fall


Come, we have been waiting for you for too many years

We have become mad, we have lost our visage

We are simply withering away, so come

Yes, come, there are no more vessels* for us to break

We do not know who is sober

and who is drunk, and falling into the well, as it happens

So come, yes come

I heard that you are really standing at the gate

and that every innocent lamb will be able to live in the forest, and I heard

that this heart, too, will not die anymore

Imagination will sign a peace treaty with reality

All the sounds will be one simple song

Come, we have been waiting for you...

(*A kabbalistic allusion)