Islamic Jihad
Islamic Jihad Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Islamic Jihad terrorist group in Gaza announced on Sunday that it was temporarily suspending ties with Hamas, which rules the region, accusing Gaza authorities of being responsible for the death of one of the group's members.

According to the Ma’an news agency, Raed Qassim Jundeyeih, a member of Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigades, died on Sunday after being shot a day earlier by Hamas police officers.

Police had gone to an address in Gaza City on Saturday to deliver summons orders to a member of the Jundeyeih family, reported Ma’an. Upon approaching the home, members of the family opened fire at the officers and Jundeyeih was wounded in the ensuing gunfight.

He died from his injuries on Sunday.

Islamic Jihad told Ma'an that members affiliated with Hamas were responsible for the death, describing Jundeyeih's death as a "favor" for Israel, whether intentional or not.

Tensions further increased after a member of Islamic Jihad was hit by a jeep driven by a Hamas member during the funeral procession of Jundeyeih, reported the news agency.

Islamic Jihad said that Jundeyeih was wanted by Israeli authorities for being the head of a rocket-firing unit.

"Despite losing this great martyr, our only option remains to resist our common enemy which is the Zionist enemy and the powers of injustice that support it," the group added, according to Ma’an.

Hamas rules Gaza with an iron fist but often gets into rows with some of the other groups in the region, most notably the radical Salafists, who have challenged the movement both over confrontations with Israel and the practice of Islamic rule, prompting it to crack down on them.

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