Terror arrest (illustration)
Terror arrest (illustration) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Israeli soldiers have arrested three Palestinian Authority police officers-turned-terrorists, who shot to death a young Jewish father as he returned from praying at the tomb of the Biblical Patriarch Joseph in Samaria (Shomron).

Arab media outlets reported the arrests in May, but the news was only officially confirmed by Israeli sources Wednesday after the removal of a gag order.

Those arrested were identified as Nawaf Fahd Bani Ouda, 24, Wael Hassin Mahmoud Daoud, 24, and Tarki Diyad Tarki Zuara'a, 23. The first two served as armed PA police officers, while Zuara'a served as an unarmed military driver.

Two other PA men believed to have been involved in the attack have not yet been arrested.

The suspects reportedly admitted they were aware their lives were not in danger when they opened fire on the car in which Ben-Yosef Livnat, a 24-year-old father of four from Elon Moreh, and several other Israeli men were traveling.

In addition to Livnat's murder, five others were wounded in the shooting.

After the shooting the PA officers placed stones on the road in an attempt to make it appear as if they had been attacked and had opened fire in self-defense. One of the officers even injured his own leg in an attempt to lend credibility to the claim.

In 2011 Livnat was recognized as a victim of terrorism after an IDF investigation found that the officers who killed him had not been in any danger at the time.

A PA inquiry, too, found that the officers had violated the protocol for opening fire.

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