PM Netanyahu
PM Netanyahu Flash 90

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned world powers on Tuesday against holding "drawn out" negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program following the election of its new president in Tehran.

"Iran should not be allowed to gain time by holding drawn out talks" with the international community, Netanyahu said during a meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, the prime minister's office said in a statement, according to the AFP news agency.

"Today, it is indispensable to keep the pressure (on Iran). We should not surrender to illusions."

Netanyahu called newly elected president Hassan Rowhani's pledge to mend ties with the international community as "illusions" and insisted again on the need to maintain pressure on Iran.

The United States and other world powers have voiced hope for a more constructive engagement with Iran after Rowhani's election, who they consider to be a "moderate", in hopes of furthering the diplomatic route over the regime's nuclear program and despite its history of seeking to obliterate the Jewish state. 

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