Protest at Tapuach Junction
Protest at Tapuach JunctionIsrael news photo: Women in Green

Israeli women living in Samaria (Shomron) are planning a march Tuesday evening to protest rock attacks on Israeli drivers in the region.

The march will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Israeli town of Maaleh Shomron, and will head for the Palestinian Authority Arab town of Azoun, which has been the site of many rock attacks.

The women will march under the banner, “Women Against Rocks.” Organizers noted that despite the slogan, men and children are invited, as well.

Marchers intend to enter Azoun itself. “We will let the Arabs know that there will be a response to rock terror, and we will make it clear to the IDF that the time has come to end this phenomenon,” they declared.

Rock attacks in the region have caused serious injury on several occasions. A toddler who was critically injured by a rock several months ago remains semi-conscious.

“Residents of Azoun have been throwing rocks at travelers on Route 55 for over 20 years,” the Samaria Residents’ Council said.

Council head Benny Katzover added, “There is no need to explain that rocks can kill. But it is not clear why the state of Israel has still not succeeded, after so many years, in putting an end to this.”