Security man
Security manScreenshot

Armed American guards provided security for a UN vehicle that was on an unknown assignment in the Arab village of Walajeh, near Bethlehem, several days ago.

A Jewish man – a senior officer in the IDF reserves – noticed the unusual sight and got out of his car to videotape it. He did not receive clear answers regarding the identity of the security men.

The security detail used impressive bulletproofed black SUVs that caught the reserve officer's attention.

"I am unaware of American security being provided to UN forces in Judea and Samaria,” the Jewish man said.

The American security man who approached the Jewish man was courteous but he got into his car relatively quickly and drove off, as did the other vehicles. He said “very nice to meet you,” and then may have added “we're from an American security company,” although this is not clear.

The Jewish man said that the security man had a handgun in his belt but that he attempted to hide it.

There was an Arab woman inside the car, he added.

It is not clear why armed U.S. security personnel are traveling on the roads of Judea and Samaria, and by what permission they are doing so.