Dent left by pellet
Dent left by pelletSamaria Regional Authority

Arabs fired one or more bullets Wednesday at an Israeli bus that was traveling from Ariel to Elon Moreh, in Samaria.

No one was hurt in the incident.

The attack occurred as the bus passed through the Bitot Junction at Hawara.

The bus driver kept on driving until he reached the Samaria Brigade base, at the IDF's 3rd Instruction Base (Bahad 3), near Har Beracha.

The bullet that struck the bus was located and investigators initially said the weapon was probably an improvised one, or a hunting gun. Experts examined the evidence and at one point determined that the pellet was not a bullet. They then went back to the original terminology and called it a bullet.

IDF trackers are on the scene, trying to find the attackers. The road has been blocked to traffic.