Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Iran has been stepping up its cyber-attacks on Israel.

"In the last few months," he said, "we have identified a meaningful surge in the scale of cyber-attacks by Iran, which are being carried out directly by Iran and its proxies, Hizbullah and Hamas.”

Netanyahu spoke at the International Cybertechnology Conference of the National Cyber Council in the Prime Minister's Office, held in cooperation with the Yuval Ne'eman Workshop at Tel Aviv University.

"The targets for attack are the vital systems,” he said, “and this will go on becoming more intense. The more we advance in the digital age, the stronger the attacks will become, both in quality and in quantity.”

"We are building the ability to deal with the attacks, and we are also repulsing most of them, as we try to build a 'digital Iron Dome,' which is why we created the National Cyber Council.”

Netanyahu noted that Israel is one of the five leading powers in the world in dealing with cyber-warfare, and hinted that it is a leader even within the top five.