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The Chief Rabbis and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel expressed their sadness and grief Friday after a baby died following a medical complication that occurred after circumcision.

The rabbis said that they are praying for the baby's pure soul and asked that G-d provide the family with consolation, and pray that the baby's relatives will experience no more sorrow.

Following inquiries in the matter, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel issued a statement in which it sought to clarify the details of the case from its perspective.

“Starting immediately after the initial reporting of the incident,” said the Rabbinate, “the Director of Circumcisions in the Chief Rabbinate was in constant contact with the mohel who conducted the circumcision, with the doctors who treated the baby at the Wolfson Hospital and with senior members of the Joint Circumcisions Committee of the Ministry of Health and the Rabbinate.”

“From the very beginning, the doctors who treated the baby were of the opinion that the complication in the baby's condition is not the result of the circumcision, but of a preexisting medical condition. Further treatment of the baby verified this determination.

“An investigation revealed that the mohel who performed the brit is a veteran certified mohel. The mohel followed procedures and checked the baby after the brit. Only after half an hour had passed since the circumcision, did the signs of medical complications begin to manifest themselves in the child. These were not connected to the brit itself,” the Rabbinate said.

The mohel accompanied the family on its way to the hospital.