Hizbullah flag
Hizbullah flag AFP photo

The Arab League condemned on Wednesday Hizbullah's involvement in the Syrian civil war, the Lebanon-based Naharnet reports.

Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi announced after a meeting of the League’s foreign ministers in Cairo that the resolution issued after the talks condemns “any intervention in Syria, especially by Hizbullah.”

"There were several points of views regarding Hizbullah and we decided to condemn any foreign interference in the Syrian conflict, especially Hizbullah's involvement,” al-Arabi told reporters, according to Naharnet.

Hizbullah, while initially having said it only wanted only to defend 13 Syrian villages along the border with Lebanon, has become fully involved in the civil war, sending its terrorists in full force across the border.

Hizbullah terrorists, along with Syrian regime troops were involved in a withering assault on the strategic border town of Qusayr that is home to 25,000 people.

At least 75 Hizbullah members were killed fighting alongside President Bashar Al-Assad’s soldiers in this assault. Hizbullah head Hassan Nasrallah vowed last week to continue the group’s support for Assad.

During the meeting on Wednesday, Arab foreign ministers also gave their support to Russian and U.S. plans for a Syria peace conference.

The ministers called on the warring parties in Syria to negotiate an end to the 26-month civil war, saying a political solution was the only option.

They called for "efforts to persuade all the warring parties to allow logic and dialogue and negotiations to prevail in order to find a political solution between Syrians, as the only means," according to Naharnet.

Meanwhile, Russian, UN and U.S. envoys failed on Wednesday to set a date for the planned conference amid persistent disagreement over who should take part.

Damascus has agreed in principle to take part in the conference, but Syria's main opposition National Coalition has refused to attend as long as Hizbullah terrorists are battling alongside Assad's forces.