Ramle Torah core group
Ramle Torah core groupIsrael news photo

The mixed Arab-Jewish neighborhood of Agash in Ramle has become the scene of an ugly campaign of harassment. Jews living in the neighborhood have reported several incidents of vandalism as well as verbal harassment from a group of Arab men.

The vandals have slashed the tires of Jewish-owned cars and broken the windows with rocks.

The most serious incident took place nearly one year ago, when an Arab man hurled a firebomb at a Jewish family’s car as the mother of the family and her young children sat inside. Thankfully, the father of the family appeared in time to put out the flames before they could ignite the vehicle.

Since then, the violence has continued.

On Tuesday night dozens of Jewish residents of the neighborhood, many of them members of the Garin Torani “religious core group” community, held a protest against the violence. The incident was interrupted by further violence as a group of Arab youths smashed the windows of a car parked nearby.

The “religious core group” community announced that Arabs who try to drive Jews away will get more Jews in response. “The Garin Torani supports the families living in this mixed neighborhood, and in response to the latest events, will bring in new families to support the Jews living here,” the community said.

The community also called on Ramle police to intervene before the current violence escalates into bloodshed. “A silent Intifada against Jews in the heart of Israel must not pass without a serious police response,” they said.

Several days ago Housing Minister Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi) visited the neighborhood and promised that he and other MKs would do what they could to help.