Rebel fighters in Syria have uploaded to the internet a video showing the destruction of a Syrian Army T-72 tank.

An advanced anti-tank missile that the rebels fired easily penetrated the tank's armor, causing a huge explosion and blowing the turret skyward. The turret appears to be visible falling back to the ground at the 0:41 second mark.

The attack took place in the Al-Ghouta al-Sharkiya area, the rural area east of Damascus, which is under the control of rebel forces. They have established training camps in the region, which is used as a base for organizing and mounting attacks within Damascus.

In recent weeks, Syrian Army forces combined with Shi'ite fighters from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon's Hizbullah, have been mounting an operation to defeat the rebels in the region. Rebel success could mean that Damascus would be cut off from the east, and could threaten the major airport in its northern section.

Another recently posted video shows an anti-tank missile just missing a rebel tank.

There are an estimated 15,000 Hizbullah fighters in Syria, serving as reinforcements and replacements for Syrian Army forces that have suffered heavy casualties.