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The Knesset rehearsed Sunday for the possibility that it would be hit by missiles in a war. The drill involved moving all of the Knesset's activity to the Van Leer Institute.

About 100 Knesset employees took part in the drill, code named “Knesset Tamid,” or “Eternal Knesset.” Knesset members were not part of the exercise. Participants included Knesset management staff, Knesset Guard members and other employees.

The drill called for the alternative Knesset site to begin functioning four hours after the order to evacuate the Knesset was given. The imaginary scenario involved a surface-to-surface missile hitting the Knesset plenum and auditorium, making it impossible to convene the entire Knesset.

The Knesset employees used spare equipment that is kept in storage for such scenarios – from computers and communications equipment, through paper forms, to Israel flags and the state symbol – to create the alternate Knesset and make it operational in less than the time allotted.

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