Kochav Yaakov
Kochav YaakovHadashot 24

Arabs attempted to break into the town of Kochav Yaakov in the Binyamin region on Monday, and set fire to olive orchards owned by Jews that are outside the town. They also blocked the highway outside the town, preventing residents from entering or leaving.

The town's security force rushed to the scene to face down the Arab rioters and prevent them from getting into the town. At least five had succeeded in getting through the town's security fence where they were caught sight of by the security force. The Arabs ran away when they saw the security officers.

The officers gave chase and caught one of the rioters, a 16 year old Arab youth from nearby Kalandia. The Arab was carrying a wire cutter, and apparently was among those who cut the fence and infiltrated the town. He was also carrying material and equipment to start a fire, and may have been planning an arson attack in the town, officers said. He was transferred to police custody for questioning.

The attack was one of many that have taken place in recent months in Judea and Samaria. The IDF has reportedly started preparing for a third round of “Intifada” attacks. However, current and former military leaders have reassured civilians that there is currently no new Intifada, despite many recent rock throwing and firebomb attacks on Israeli drivers.