Mechina boys
Mechina boysIsrael news photo: INR

The IDF has published data on graduates of premilitary “mechina” programs in honor of Mechina Day. The figures show that mechina graduates tend to be highly motivated and accomplished.

Among mechina graduates, 79.5% enlist in combat units, compared to 44% among IDF soldiers in general. More than 36% train for non-officer command posts – twice as many as in the IDF as a whole.

More than 18% go on to become officers, double the rate in the general IDF population. The effect was particularly strong regarding female mechina graduates: 24% went on to become officers, compared to one-third that many among female soldiers in general.

Of the 120 soldiers honored for excellence in service this year, 4 were mechina graduates.

Rabbi Moshe Hagar, head of the Beit Yatir premilitary academy, and Attorney Danny Zamir, head of the Yitzchak Rabin mechina in Oranim, head the Mechina Council, which encompasses 42 mechina programs. They stated, “The percent of mechina graduates who become commanders or reach officers’ training is much higher than the percentages in Israeli society. Those who do not reach command or officer rank also have a more meaningful service [due to mechina] and in many cases go on to make a more meaningful contribution to society.”