Hizbullah supporters in Lebanon (illustrative
Hizbullah supporters in Lebanon (illustrativeAFP/Mahmoud Zayyat

Two rockets exploded in southern Beirut on Sunday morning. The rockets hit the Hizbullah-dominated neighborhood of Dahiya, injuring at least four people.

It was not immediately clear who fired the rockets, or where they were fired from.

One possibility that has been raised in the Lebanese media is that the rockets were fired from a nearby “Palestinian refugee camp” housing Arabs descended from those who fled pre-state Israel in 1948.

The attack may have been linked to Hizbullah’s heavy involvement in the internal Syrian conflict. At least 75 Hizbullah members have been killed fighting alongside President Bashar Assad’s soldiers, and Hizbullah head Hassan Nasrallah vowed Saturday to continue the group’s support for Assad.

One of the rockets hit a car lot, and another appears to have hit a residential building.

An unnamed Lebanese security source told the AFP news agency that the rockets were Soviet-made Grad missiles.